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Branding 101

Feb. 17, 2014

When first establishing your company’s online brand, it’s hard to know where to begin and can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. First, let’s begin with a basic understanding of exactly what branding is. I define branding as the process taken to establish a company’s personality among the public. For instance, let’s try a little word association with some popular brands. When you hear “Volvo,” you think “safe.” When you hear “Coca-Cola,” you think “classic.” When you hear “Apple,” you think “innovative.” The reason we associate these words with these specific brands is because they strategically positioned themselves in this way in the minds of the public. Use these guidelines below to help you establish your brand and communicate it through social media.

  1. Word Association   A good place to start is to choose a word with which you want the public to associate your company. Then, as you use social media, make sure that this idea is consistently communicated.
  2. Brand Promise   Make sure your brand promise is clear to your customers. What good or service do you provide? Why is your company better than others in your market?
  3. Brand Personality   If your brand were a person, how would it act? This step is crucial in today’s world because of two-way communication. When people communicate with your company through social media, they don’t want to feel as if they’re talking to a machine. They want to know that there’s a real-life person behind the Facebook profile. Whether you’re a professional, no-nonsense company or a more laid-back, casual company, establish a personality and stick to it. Check out 7 Tips to Find Your Brand Personality. Although this article is geared toward financial institutions, it has some great information.

After using these steps to establish your brand, translate that to all of your social media outlets in order to remain consistent. Consumers should be able to identify your brand’s personality through each post, tweet, and share.

Deirdre Breakenridge, one of my mentors in the PR world, offers some helpful branding advice on her blog. Check out this link. Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll go over some different techniques to create social media content that stands out.