Creating Social Media Content That Stands Out

Feb. 24, 2014

Social Media MegaphoneWithin the last ten years, social media has exploded in popularity among individuals and companies alike. However, many companies have merely jumped on the bandwagon without knowing the benefits of social media and, more importantly, how to create successful posts that your followers want to read. So, if you struggle to create content that stands out among a sea of statuses, check out these tips.

  1. Positive Messages  For the most part, stick to posting only positive messages. People encounter negative messages throughout the day and typically wish to avoid them when scrolling through their news feeds. Make sure they enjoy reading posts from your company. Providing positive messages will attract followers and help them view your business in a positive light.
  2. Respond.  Responding to followers is one of the most important aspects of social media. According to, 95% of all Facebook posts are not answered. Remember, public relations is all about two-way communication, and social media has made this even easier. But unless companies listen and respond to their clients, social media has little purpose. Responding to clients makes them feel heard and understood. Let them know that you care about their business.
  3. Give a Taste.  A unique strategy is to offer something in your post but not give all the details. Instead, provide a link that leads to the details. This evokes curiosity in your followers and makes them want to click.
  4. Post Pictures.  Posting pictures periodically adds visual interest to your page. It adds a bit of color to your post and attracts more readers.
  5. Let Your Clients Contribute.  Engage with your clients by asking questions and allowing them to respond. Again, it’s all about two-way communication. If you blog, consider asking clients to audition to be a guest blogger. Make them feel wanted.

Try these tips to create social media content that stands out, and check out the infographic below for more helpful information.

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